How to organize a grassroots movement against gun violence

On six Mondays starting July 11, 2022, I will conduct a series of workshops to help you and other people organize a strategically savvy grassroots movement against gun violence.  Please see information at this link — — and contact me to sign up for this interesting, practical series of workshops.

The workshops — and all of the organizing I have been doing for many decades — are based on powerful insights and strategies grounded in principled nonviolence.  Gandhi and King used the great power of nonviolence to build grassroots movements that liberated many millions of people.

When King’s first organizing effort (Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott from December 1955 to December 1956) began, a few of his participants carried guns for self-defense because for many years their people had experienced horrible violence by armed white people.  Some of the movement’s bold Black participants were already grounded in profound nonviolence, so they convinced King to prohibit any guns – even for self-defense – in the Montgomery Bus Boycott movement.

Our Workshop #1 next Monday the 11th will give us a solid grounding in nonviolence as actually more powerful than guns!  I’ll share information that has proven that nonviolent movements are more likely to succeed than those that include any violence.

Also, Workshop #1 will give us confidence that the universe functions better when we practice nonviolence.  Our grassroots movement to stop gun violence is powerful because the universe really is on our side!

Workshop #1 is not merely theoretical.  The principles we’ll explore this coming Monday July 11, 2022, will ground us in the smart strategies that we will be exploring in Workshops #2 through #6.

In September-October 2022 I will offer the series of 6 workshops again with applicability to ANY ISSUE YOU CARE ABOUT.

Here again is the link for the series that will focus especially on stopping gun violence, but these are also relevant to other issues:


See you soon!



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