Watch this informative, insightful interview about Iran and U.S. foreign policy

Olympia’s Veterans for Peace chapter (#109, the Rachel Corrie Chapter — has a TV series on Thurston Community Television (Thurston Community Media, that provides interesting information for veterans and everybody else.  Each episode airs THREE TIMES A WEEK:  MON 5:00 pm, THURS 8:00 pm, and SAT 2:00 pm.

The TV program’s episode that is starting in late February 2020 focuses on Iran and related aspects of U.S. foreign policy.  Mark Fleming interviews Peter Bohmer and Glen Anderson.

Mark provides background information since the early 1900s that lays out the context for what has happened from 1953 through the present time.

We discuss how the U.S. helped Britain overthrow Iran’s democracy in 1953 and install the brutal shah who ruled as a dictator until he was nonviolently overthrown in 1979.  We discuss the shah’s reign in the context of U.S. foreign policy during that era.

We also discuss Trump’s reckless violence and threats, and we point out that U.S. brutality and abuse toward Iran has been bi-partisan for many decades.

Glen summarized the main points of this article he wrote proposing a peaceful and just foreign policy:  Article on peace and true security

Please watch this informative, insightful interview through THIS LINK.