URGENT! Urge Congress to ELIMINATE the NDAA’s funding for nuclear weapons testing.

The federal budget process includes many steps.  Right now the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a crucial congressional part of funding the U.S.’s military budget, is in Conference Committee to resolve differences between the House and the Senate.

Urge a prominent member of the Conference Committee to ELIMINATE the NDAA’s funding for nuclear weapons testing!  This action alert came out today (Wed. Dec. 2, 2020).  I sent my message immediately and notified a number of friends who also oppose nuclear weapons.  One replied with the unconfirmed news that $10 million was likely to be already eliminated.

In any case, let’s ramp up pressure now.

See this information:

Martin Fleck, the Director of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility (www.psr.org) sent this information on Wed. Dec. 2, 2020:

The United States conducted its last nuclear test explosion in 1992. Is it time to start up testing again? Absolutely not! PSR has opposed nuclear weapons tests—because of their public health impact—ever since the organization was originally launched in 1961. Since 1998, North Korea is the only nation that has tested a nuclear weapon.

Right this moment, a House-Senate Conference Committee is debating whether or not to fund nuclear testing as it irons out a compromise for the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House version of the NDAA bill includes language that prohibits any funding for tests. The Senate version includes $10 million in taxpayer funds to prepare the Nevada test site for future tests. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Ranking Member of Senate Armed Services Committee, is in a pivotal position to influence this decision.

Please help convince Reed to eliminate nuclear testing from the budget.

I clicked the link and hope you will click it too.








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