URGENT! Tell WA State Senate to pass SJM 8006 to Prevent Nuclear War

We got a WA State Senate committee to pass a resolution calling upon Congress to take a sensible step to prevent nuclear war. But it is stuck in the Senate Rules Committee.

We must move SJM 8006 from the Senate Rules Committee to the Senate Floor for a vote by next Wednesday March 13, 2019, so it can move on to the House.

PLEASE contact members of the WA State Senate Rules Committee.  Phone numbers are on this list:  http://leg.wa.gov/Senate/Committees/RULE/Pages/MembersStaff.aspx 

Also — if SJM 8006 goes to the Senate Floor, contact your WA state senators.  See their names and contact info here:  http://leg.wa.gov/Senate/Senators/Pages/default.aspx

See this information and take prompt action:

Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (www.wanwcoalition.org) is advocating for the Washington State Senate’s Rules Committee to move it to the Senate Floor for a final vote.  The deadline is Wednesday, March 13.

How can you help?

1. Call or email the Senate Rules Committee Members listed above and ask them to pull SJM 8006 to the Senate Floor (Script below)

2. Encourage people in your community to call the Senate Rules Committee members or their own member of the Senate to ask them to pull SJM 8006 to the Senate Floor.

3. If you live in the districts of Karen Keiser (33), Jamie Pedersen (43), Patty Kuderer (48), or Bob Hasegawa (11) please contact carly@wpsr.org. Please make a personal ask of these Senators as both members of the Rules Committee and Sponsors of SJM 8006 to pull this bill for consideration by the Senate.

4. Finally, please let us know how you decided to support, this will help us with key follow up and next steps and to track our collective impact. Fill out this form to share how you took action: https://goo.gl/forms/5sCr3r2KuWpHklev1. If we do get the bill to the Senate Floor, please fill out this form to commit to mobilizing with us to Olympia to support the Senate in passing SJM 8006 next week.

Sample Script for phoning members of the Senate Rules Committee:

Hello Senator__________ ,
My name is ______ and I live in ______. I am calling you as a member of the Senate Rules Committee to encourage you to pull SJM 8006 “to Prevent the Possibility of Nuclear War” to the Senate Floor for a vote. This bill outlines the urgent need for safer nuclear weapons policies. As Washington state holds the bulk of the warheads in the US, and as Washington residents have consistently been exposed to the negative impacts of the nuclear weapons industry, it is imperative that this bill get a vote by the Senate. Finally, Washington State has long been was identified as a priority target in the event of a Russian nuclear attack on the United States. This is why we must urgently take action in the Washington Senate.

We urge you to make sure SJM 8006 passes the senate. Will you pull SJM 8006 to the Senate floor for a vote?
Thank you,