URGENT! Congress must take these actions NOW!

The November 2022 election results show Republicans with a small majority in the House and Democrats with a small majority in the Senate.  WE MUST URGE CONGRESS TO TAKE A NUMBER OF ACTIONS NOW in late November and December 2022 before the new Congress convenes in January 2023, when all legislation that is pending now will die.


I have been urging ALL THREE of our members of Congress to PASS MANY good pieces of pending legislation:

– Stay in session past the scheduled adjournment date

– Work evenings and weekends to PASS the bills

– Use the “Budget Reconciliation” process to avoid filibusters and accomplish many good things


I have been urging our House member to:

– PASS good legislation NOW because starting in January the Republicans will kill all good legislation

– Hold Trump in “Contempt of Congress”


I have been urging our Senators to:

– Confirm many good appointments to federal judiciary positions and other roles

– Abolish the filibuster altogether

– Even without abolishing the filibuster altogether, carve out exceptions so the Senate can pass good legislation

– Pass the MANY, MANY good bills that have piled up in the Senate without floor votes, so they become invisible

– Demand FLOOR VOTES on those bills, so Republicans will have to go on public record with their “no” votes


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are NOT the progressives they want us to think they are.

They have supported some very bad legislation and blocked some very good legislation.

Besides holding Republicans accountable, we must hold Democrats accountable too.










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