Nuclear Weapons and the Peace Movement

Below I’m attaching an essay I wrote that fleshes out the 6 points I made very briefly in the speaking engagement about the need for a grassroots peace movement to abolish nuclear weapons:



  1. The U.S. has been provoking nuclear weapons since 1945.


  1. Nuclear weapons exist in the overall context of U.S. foreign policy.
    We must de-militarize our foreign policy overall as well as abolish nuclear weapons.


  1. The problems came from the top down, so solutions must come from the bottom up. Only a nonviolent GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT can change our foreign policy
    and abolish nuclear weapons.


  1. We must change public policies in several ways.


  1. We can apply economic pressures in several ways.


  1. I end with some closing encouragement.




Nuclear Weapons and the Peace Movement