U.N. Update on Nuclear Weapons Treaty

The January 2024 TV program in the “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” series provides  the newest update about a powerful, inspiring, exciting worldwide movement to abolish all nuclear weapons.

Nine nations in the world have nuclear weapons.  Most of the world’s nations are angry at them for holding the entire world hostage with the threat of destroying the world in nuclear war.

In July 2017 the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).  Now 69 nations have ratified the Treaty and are bringing its strong requirements into their own national laws.

Just recently – from November 27 to December 1, 2023, most of those nations and many other people gathered at the United Nations in New York for the second meeting of the nations that have ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

During this hour, Joanne Dufour – who attended the United Nations meeting with credentials – shares with you her first-hand experiences of what happened – and some additional information and insights.

Joanne Dufour has a long background in the peace movement, including first-hand experience volunteering directly with the United Nations in New York decades ago, and decades of experience working to abolish nuclear weapons.  Joanne is an active member of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons in Olympia, Washington.


Anyone anywhere can watch this TV program through this blog:  WATCH VIDEO HERE

Also, people in Thurston County WA who have cable TV can watch it on channel 22 three times a week throughout December 2023: every Monday at 1:30 pm; every Wednesday at 5:00 pm; and every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

At the link below is a transcript of what we said on TV, along with more information:

2024.01 TPNW at UN — THOROUGH SUMMARY and more information

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