Nuclear power is ABSOLUTELY NOT a remedy for the climate crisis! See these highly informative resources.

The nuclear power industry has fooled many politicians — and much of the mainstream media — into thinking that nuclear power is a remedy for the climate crisis.  It absolutely is NOT.

I collected many smart, informative information resources debunking the scam of nuclear power as a remedy for the climate crisis.  See the links in this document:  Nuclear Power Is NOT a Remedy for the Climate Crisis


For your convenience, I have also copied the links here:


Triple nuclear plan lands with a thud:  December 19, 2023:


Biden wants to TRIPLE nuclear power!  He must not know (or care) that nuke power is BAD FOR THE CLIMATE.  The new White House push to triple nuclear energy has been joined by more than 10 nations so far.  Nov 16, 2023:


How the “Nuclear Renaissance” Robs and Roasts Our Earth:  Nuclear power not only costs twice as much as wind and solar, it’s responsible for superheating our air and waterways:


Nuclear power is BAD for the climate.  It’s NOT a remedy!:


Former officials in nuclear power regulation in several countries say new reactors are NOT solutions to the climate crisis:   The former heads of nuclear power regulation in the U.S., Germany, and France, along with the former secretary to the UK’s government radiation protection committee, have issued a joint statement that in part says, “Nuclear is just not part of any feasible strategy that could counter climate change.”  This article was published on Jan. 25th 2022:[1]say-no-to-new-reactors/


Despite all the hooplah, Nuclear Fusion will NOT save us from climate disruption – and it is dangerous!


U.S. govt wants to convert closed COAL plants into NUCLEAR plants!  Coal is horrible for climate, but – as the articles listed here prove – nuclear is not a valid remedy.  See this January 2023 article about the U.S. government’s stupid proposal:


Experts Say Nuclear Energy as Climate Solution Is Total :Fiction.”  They say, “The reality is nuclear is neither clean, safe, or smart; but a very complex technology with the potential to cause significant harm.”


Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair argues nuclear power is NOT a climate solution:


Nuclear power not feasible to tackle climate change:


Why Small Modular Reactors Won’t Help Counter the Climate Crisis:  See this article from March 2021:


Nuclear power is NOT a remedy for the climate crisis.  Some anti-nuclear organizations strongly oppose nuclear power.  I especially recommend Beyond Extreme Energy, Beyond Nuclear, Beyond Nuclear International, NukeWatch Quarterly, and Nuclear Information & Resource Service.  To get links to their websites, ask me at, and I can e-mail you their links.  Also, some governmental bodies (including Congress and some state legislatures) and mainstream media foolishly think nuclear is a “green” path to saving the climate, even though it has many risks, a huge carbon footprint (including the process of creating cement and many other steps in the process), and even though a new nuclear plant would take many years to design, build and bring online (years we do not have, because the crisis is urgent).  The public is poorly informed.  We must inform the public and build strong grassroots movements if we are to stop the madness (and the corruption).  Here is information from December 2021:


Nuclear power is NOT a valid remedy for the climate crisis!


Renewables are decarbonizing the world faster and cheaper than nuclear can.  See this information from October 2021:  The claim that nuclear energy is “low-carbon” misses the point!  Amory Lovins wrote this smart article, which begins with these two paragraphs:


“The view that climate protection requires expanding nuclear power has a basic flaw in its prevailing framing: it rarely if ever relates climate-effectiveness to cost or to speed—even though stopping climate change requires scaling the fastest and cheapest solutions. By focusing on carbon but only peripherally mentioning cost and speed, and by not relating these three variables, this approach misframes what climate solutions must do.


The climate argument for using nuclear power assumes that since nuclear power generation directly releases no CO2, it can be an effective climate solution. It can’t, because new (or even existing) nuclear generation costs more per kWh than carbon-free competitors—efficient use and renewable power—and thus displaces less carbon per dollar (or, by separate analysis, per year): less not by a small margin but by about an order of magnitude (factor of roughly ten). As I noted in an unpublished 17 Aug letter to The New York Times.”


Amory Lovins’ article explains why we must support truly renewable energy and STOP thinking that nuclear is a valid remedy:


The Record-Breaking Failures of Nuclear Power:  Here is yet another appallingly stupid and compelling piece of evidence that nuclear power is NOT a “low-carbon” alternative to fossil fuels.  Nuclear power is horribly expensive and NOT cost-effective.  The article linked here includes much more information that people need to know, so I encourage people to read this article and share it with people who need to know the hard realities:


Prevent Congress from using taxpayers’ money to bail out nuclear power companies.  This 2021 article is still important for us to act upon:


Here are some “talking points” about WHY nuclear power is NOT a remedy for climate crisis: Also see this link:


We already have the technology we need to displace all fossil fuel usage.  We don’t need to wait for technological revolutions to move ahead.  You can read this succinct piece in less than 5 minutes:


Amory Lovins explained to Congress why nuclear power is no solution at all.  It costs more and takes longer than using energy efficiency and renewable energy to achieve zero carbon emissions.  Watch his 20-minute presentation here:


This highly informative article smartly challenges the claim that smaller nuclear reactors could be a “bridge” to a carbon-free economy:


Both science and economics prove nuclear power is NOT a viable alternative to fossil fuels.  See this article from 2020:


Nuclear power plants make the climate crisis worse:


Create a Green New Deal.  PREVENT it from including any nuclear power:


Nuclear energy is NOT a valid alternative to fossil fuels.  Nuclear has a HUGE carbon footprint and MANY other problems.  This article makes several crucial points on just the first page.  If you want, you can click the page numbers at the bottom of the screen to read through the rest of the article.  It includes more info about nuclear waste, serious cancer dangers, Congress’s bi-partisan pro-nuke bias, and dangers for Native lands where uranium is mined.  Read this smart article:


This thorough report from 2018 explains why nuclear power CANNOT be part of solving the climate crisis.  The nuclear power industry is trying to fool us into thinking that nuclear power is part of solving the climate crisis.  Actually, there are many reasons why nuclear power is NOT a practical remedy.  I urge people to read this thorough report produced by a very knowledgeable organization, so we can effectively rebut and debunk the pro-nuclear propaganda that has become very widespread.











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