“Why the Public Should Own Our Electric Utilities”

The June 2019 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Per-spectives” explores the many benefits of having the public own our electric utilities instead of letting big business own them.

People typically think about “democracy” in terms of government. But why not also have democracy in how we run our economy? Why can’t our economic institutions – such as our electric utility – respond to the will of the voters?

Voters can choose to have local governments own and operate our electric utilities. Dozens of cities and counties in Washington State have long, successful track records of using publicly owned utilities to pro-vide reliable, low-cost electricity to their people. These utilities are accountable to the voters instead of sending money away to distant stockholders.

This TV interview features two knowledgeable guests — Randal Samstag and Steve Johnson — who ex-plain the enormous differences between utilities that are owned by giant private corporations vs. utilities that are owned democratically by the public.

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