TV: “Urge Local Governments to Meet Climate Goals”

Watch a 1-hour interview about how to make practical progress toward protecting the climate by researching greenhouse emissions at local levels, engaging local people (including kids), and organizing to urge local governments to take specific bold actions to meet climate goals.

The smart advice “Think globally — Act locally” pertains very well to the climate crisis. Our November 2017 TV interview explores how people can work locally to protect the climate – especially by urging our local governments to take strong actions at the local level.  We approach this topic from several angles. We consider specific actions local governments anywhere can take to meet bold goals to protect our climate. Ordinary people can help!

Recently the City of Olympia committed to achieving dramatic community-wide reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are the human-driven cause of the climate breakdown and destruction we’re seeing in hurricanes and wildfires. Olympia is also talking with Lacey and Tumwater about developing a common cli-mate action plan that would cover all three cities. Let’s urge our county government to take strong actions too. We encourage people elsewhere to consider the information we’ll present during this hour and urge their own respective local governments to take strong actions.

Three guests help us explore this topic. All three are active in the Thurston Climate Action Team (, a non-profit organization that works directly with local governments and businesses in Thurston County WA to raise aware-ness about climate change – and the opportunities for economic development, cost savings and improved health through clean, renewable energy.  ThThis organization’s new campaign — “People for a Carbon Free Olympia” — urges strong local support for the City of Olympia’s climate and clean energy goals.

We interview three guests:
Carrie Ziegler is an artist, environmental educator, and community engagement specialist who is especial-ly skilled at working with people to create art around important issues.
Eder Nunez and his family have lived in the U.S. since he was 10 years old. He is a U.S. military veteran and a graduate of The Evergreen State College. He volunteers to protect immigrant rights and to protect the climate.
Tom Crawford is a leader of the Thurston Climate Action Team and is very savvy about how local gov-ernments can protect the climate. I have enjoyed working with Tom on several issues for a good number of years.

This is Olympia FOR’s November 2017 TV program.

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