TV: “Strategy and Creativity for Grassroots Power”

Throughout our nation’s history, the best political and social changes have been organized through grassroots movements. In the modern era too, if we are to make progress on the issues we care about – peace, social justice, a humane economy, environmental stewardship, and so forth – we must learn how to strategize, organize and build effective grassroots movements.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s March 2012 TV program focuses on this.  During this interview we explore broad insights and strategies for making positive changes in our political and social systems.

Our guest is Bill Moyer from the Backbone Campaign — (206) 408-8058 — which is based on Vashon Island, Washington. (NOTE: This is a different person from the late grassroots organizer of the same name who was based in Philadelphia and San Francisco, although they share many insights and strategies in common. This is also different from the prominent Bill Moyers [with an S at the end of his last name], who presents thoughtful TV programs and printed articles.)

To solve our nation’s huge problems, we need to strategize and build power through smart grassroots organizing.  This is more powerful than “mouse-click activism” from Back East organizations.

Instead of limiting ourselves to what seems possible now, we must be bold and proactive.  If we organize effectively, the public will join with us.

The Olympia FOR’s March 2012 TV program provides fresh insights and stimulates creative strategies for grassroots action.

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

To read about what we said, Program Description — March 2012.