TV: “Local Economics”

For many of the topics the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV series addresses – such as coping with peak oil and the climate crisis, opposing the global economic system that causes wars and oppresses people in poor countries, and strengthening democracy and human rights – we keep coming back to one solution that pertains to all of these: creating a sustainable and humane local economy so we can meet our needs with fewer resources, without damaging the rest of the world, and while strengthening our local community’s resilience and democracy.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s April 2012 TV program focuses on the local economy. We provide fresh ways to understand it, and some new resources and activities to support it. Most of the examples we discuss exist in Thurston County WA, but the general principles apply to any local community.

Our guestsMarie Poland, Sash Sunday, and John MacLean – work actively in various ways to support a healthy and sustainable local economy.

All three of our guests participate in a local study group and have been reading a fascinating and informative book by Charles Eisenstein, titled Sacred Economics. People can read it online at

To watch this interview, CLICK HERE.

To read more information about what we said, Program Description — April 2012.