TV: “Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice System: Problems and Solutions”

Everybody knows that the criminal justice system in the United States is full of problems.  Some of the problems are well known, but our society and our political system seem unable or unwilling to solve them.  Yet workable solutions really do exist.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February 2014 TV program examines some of our criminal justice system’s problems — with a special emphasis on the racial disparities — and we also look at solutions.

Three knowledgeable guests help us explore the topic:

Larry Jefferson has 17 years of experience as a defense attorney in King County and in Thurston County, where he provides legal defense for low-income persons through the Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel. He is also president of Thurston County Bar Association. During this TV interview he speaks only as an individual, not for either of those organizations.
Sam Merrill chairs a statewide Quaker-based nonprofit organization, the Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy (FCWPP), which works on criminal justice and a number of other social and economic problems at the state level. FCWPP researches the issues, educates the public, and advocates for significant reforms at the state legislature.
Steven Aldrich works as FCWPP’s Legislative Advocate and Policy Analyst. He and a number of other members of FCWPP do truly impressive work.

Please read the thorough summary in .pdf format at THIS LINK or in Word format at THIS LINK.

Please watch the interview at THIS LINK.