TV: “Our Best Values Lead to a Better Future”

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Most of the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV programs examine substantive issues such as nuclear weapons, foreign policy, or economics by laying out the hard facts. But in some months – including November 2014 – we look at the world around us through inspiring stories and the values and insights that guide our lives.

Olympia FOR’s November 2014 interview begins by recognizing that the world’s problems result from a dominant worldview that is selfish and harsh. It causes problems for people and for the environment. To solve these problems, we need the opposite worldview – one that values people over profit, cooperation over brutal competition, and nonviolence over violence.

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” This is why we must replace the dysfunctional current worldview that has been causing so many problems. Solutions require the opposite worldview.

This month’s program features Zannah Herridge-Meyer, Dennis Mills, Jody Mackey, and Bob Zeigler. These four guests share some of their own first-hand experiences and some examples of what other people have done. These experiences are based on humane values and positive alternatives to unjust situations, so they provide useful insights into solving problems. And some are especially inspiring!

Zannah Herridge-Meyer has traveled extensively, accomplished much, and accumulated experience and wisdom beyond her young years. Dennis Mills, Jody Mackey and Bob Zeigler also are grounded in good values, and have devoted many more years of work accomplishing great things in our local community and elsewhere.

Besides sharing examples of acting on good values, our guests also note that fear can hold people back, and that hope can move us ahead.

They encourage viewers to discover their own best values and act upon them. Indeed, this is how our society has made the most progress in the past, and we can move ahead in-to a better future.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this inspiring program.

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