TV: “LBA Woods and Other Parks for Our Community”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s April 2015 TV program explores the need for local parks. We focus on a timely opportunity to devote a large amount of addi-tional land to become a park that would serve the greater Thurston County area.

A community group formed a few years ago and has generated wide support throughout our community for a 150-acre “LBA Woods Park” next to the current “LBA Park” in SE Olympia, within the city limits. This non-profit organization, the LBA Woods Park Coalition (, has been urging the City of Olympia to buy the available land now so it can become a park.

Three guests help us explore this topic:
• Bonnie Jacobs is a longtime Olympia organizer for many efforts to improve our local quality of life.
• Brian Faller is an attorney with special expertise regarding recreation areas.
• Kris Norelius is an elementary school counselor who appreciates young people gaining access to experience the natural world.

To watch the interview, click HERE.

To read a summary of what we said, click the .PDFProgram Description — April 2015 link