TV: “Iran: Understanding the Realities — Achieving Peace”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program about Iran is informative and still timely because of the U.S. government’s continuing hostility to that nation.

Iran is often in the news, but much of what the US’s news media and politicians say grossly inaccurate. Much of it is mean-spirited and downright harmful.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program:
• Reviews Iran’s history
• Provides for context for understanding what is really happening now.
• Corrects some of the misinformation we’ve been hearing for many years.
• Suggests more constructive ways to promote peace with Iran.

This TV interview features two exceptionally well informed Iranian-American guests.

Moji Agha is originally from Iran but has lived in the U.S. for many years.  He writes essays in two languages.  he is trained as a cultural psychologist.  For a number of years he has worked on a variety of issues and activities, including, peace, climate, and Occupy movements within the U.S., and also in Iran’s nonviolent Green Movement for democracy, justice and civil spirituality.  He founded the Mossadegh Legacy Institute to help people understand and appreciate the life and work of Mohammad Mossadegh, the elected Prime Minister of Iran, who was overthrown by the U.S. and Britain in 1953.

Our other guest  (name protected for confidentiality) has one parent from Iran and one from the U.S. This guest was raised in the US but also has spent time in Iran and has relatives and friends in both nations.  This guest earned a Master’s degree in Political Science and is starting a doctoral program in Public Affairs.

We taped this TV program on June 20, 2013, just a few days after Iran’s June 14 presidential election. By the time you watch this program, political events might have changed. But the information on this TV program was accurate and current as of June 20, 2013.

To read a thorough summary of what we said during the interview, click this:  SUMMARY OF WHAT WE SAID

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