“Houselessness, Human Dignity, and the Right to Survive”

The July 2019 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” takes a fresh look at problems and solutions related to homelessness.

We dispel some of the myths that interfere with realistic understanding and smart solutions.

Instead of talking about it from afar, one of guests (Jamie Joy) actually is homeless.  His first-hand experiences and insights help us understand the problems and solutions.

Our other guest (Tye Gundel) co-founded a great local grassroots organization — “Just Housing” — in 2016 and has been working effectively with a variety of people and local governments to inform the public, advocate for compassionate and practical solutions, and to provide smart and effective direct services for homeless people.

They understand that people’s first need is for a decent, stable place to live.  Local governments need to recognize this basic human right — and to reform public policies instead of using heavy-handed policing to criminalize their poverty and disrupt their makeshift communities.

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