TV: “Confronting the New Nuclear Arms Race”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2017 TV program focuses on a crisis that Congress and Obama and Trump have been making much worse. But this crisis has been largely ignored by mainstream news media and the general public.

Decades after the Cold War ended, the U.S. is recklessly provoking a new nuclear arms race!

It’s bad enough that our government continues its dangerous intentions to use nuclear weapons. But now our government wants to replace our thousands of nu-clear weapons with horribly expensive new ones. Some of these are designed to be more usable – more likely to actually begin a nuclear war. The rest of the world is outraged and is taking historically unprecedented action to stop this madness.

Our government keeps saying it cannot afford to provide health care or education or safe drinking water – and cannot afford to end homelessness or poverty. But it plans to SPEND MORE THAN ONE TRILLION DOLLARS on these new nuclear weapons!

Fortunately, people are organizing against that! People are organizing globally, nationwide, here in Washington State, and right here in Olympia.
Although the crisis is extremely serious, we can solve the problems:

• If we get the facts,
• If we devise smart strategies, and
• If we work hard

During this interview, two guests and our host explore the problems and solutions:

• Lilly Adams is the Security Program Organizer for Washington Physicians for Social Respon-sibility, WPSR. She already had a strong background in community organizing before joining WPSR’s staff.  Interview host Glen Anderson said, “In the months I’ve been work-ing with Lilly and the new coalition about nuclear weapons that she has been organizing, I have been very much impressed with how savvy and effective Lilly is.”

• Bruce Amundson, MD, is President of WPSR’s Board of Directors. He is a Family Physician with a diverse medical career. His career includes practicing in rural areas, working with Russian doctors on nuclear issues, researching diseases caused by nuclear power, and also teaching in medical school.

Watch the interview HERE.

Read a thorough summary of what we said during the interview in .PDF or in WORD format.

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