Trump’s EMOLUMENTS are a blatantly impeachable offenses!!!

The people who developed the U.S. Constitution were afraid that sometime a CORRUPT POWER-GRABBER would become President, so they wrote IMPEACHMENT into the Constitution.  They identified a few EXPLICITLY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES and also wrote broad wording about “high crimes and misdemeanors” so the impeachment clause could be used in a wide range of circumstances to prevent a President from abusing his power.

One of the few EXPLICITLY STATED impeachable offenses pertains to “EMOLUMENTS.”  This old-fashioned word pertains to USING PRESIDENTIAL POWER TO ILLEGITIMATELY ENRICH HIMSELF.  The Constitution specifies BOTH international and domestic emoluments.  TRUMP IS CLEARLY GUILTY OF BOTH.

Ordinary people must push Congress hard to make sure the House develops Articles of Impeachment covering a great many of Trump’s impeachable offenses, not only those focusing on his Ukraine scandal.



In late October 2019 Robert Reich wrote about “Trump’s emoluments mess” and said this:

Trump has been funneling government dollars into his own pockets ever since he was elected. The Doral deal was just too much corruption even for Senate Republicans to stomach.

When Vice President Pence visited the president of Ireland in September, rather than stay in Dublin he stayed 181 miles away on the other side of Ireland — at the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in Doonbeg. Those two nights cost American taxpayers nearly $600,000 in ground transportation fees alone.

That’s not to mention that 111 officials from 65 foreign governments, 250 Trump administration officials, and 90 members of Congress have spent money at Trump properties since he took office — a clear violation of the (not phony) Emoluments Clause.

How does Trump get away with this?  Robert Reich’s new video (slightly more than 5 minutes) lays out three ways to hold our grifter-in-chief accountable:



Trump’s most blatant attempt to use his presidential power to enrich himself (holding a giant meeting of global G-7 leaders at his Doral resort) was so blatant that he had to back down.  Here are TWO ARTICLES about it:




In this interesting interview (5 min. 30 sec.) with Rachel Maddow, a lawyer really nails Trump on foreign and domestic emoluments. Trump is getting more brazen, so we need to push hard. One of these cases was thrown out, but a judge recently revived it:



The article at the following link urges impeaching Trump for unconstitutionally taking emoluments.  This article says emoluments alone – even if no bribery occurred – are sufficient for impeachment:





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