Trump’s contempt for truth and his war against science are serious problems.

In mid-August 2018, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on public TV, “truth isn’t truth.”

Fact-checkers have identified more than 20,000 lies and serious misrepresentations that Trump has told during his presidential campaign and 4-year term.

On several occasions Trump publicly denied having said things that he had said in public — on video — in front of witnesses and the general public.

Trump has wiped scientific facts off from federal government websites in order to protect his lies about the climate and other matters from being contradicted by published scientific information.

He has silenced — and fired — people who disagreed with him.

The list goes on and on.  In many ways Trump has conducted a VIGOROUS WAR AGAINST SCIENCE — AND AGAINST TRUTH:


See this from November 2020:


Trump’s incompetence and mismanagement made the U.S. the very worst nation in the world for the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continued escalating into November and December 2020.  But just one week before the November 2020 election, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a public statement that Trump has defeated the pandemic.


This is PROFOUND: Trump’s war against cause-and-effect, science, reason allows his denialism and lies to prevail.  His attitude is, I ALONE CAN DECLARE WHAT’S TRUE.  See this:


Trump called Dr. Fauci and other scientists “idiots.”  See this:


Here are more examples from Trump’s ongoing war against science:


Into the summer of 2020, this article had identified “150 Attacks on Science and Counting: Trump Administration’s Anti-Science Actions Hurt People and Communities Nationwide.”  See this: