Trump wants to stop federal legal protection for children so he can imprison them longer!

More than 400 children who were separated from their parents at the border in the summer of 2018 still have not been reunited with their families.
The deadline to do so passed in late July 2018.  The Trump regime is VIOLATING federal law.  

Why doesn’t Congress regard Trump’s kidnapping and other felonies to be impeachable offenses?

Now the Trump regime is doubling down on its “zero humanity” approach to people crossing borders in search of safety and a better future.  In early September 2018 the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services announced their intention to side-step the slightest protection these children have — The Flores Agreement.  This protects children from being held in ICE detention for more than 20 days, and it also provides rules and protections for people in detention centers.  STRIPPING AWAY THIS LITTLE BIT OF PROTECTION IS UNCONSCIONABLE!

Tell the Trump Administration, DHS, and HHS that NO children should be held in jail, and that they must RESPECT AND OBEY the Flores Agreement.  Here is a link to a petition that you can sign: