Trump diverted $10 million from FEMA aid to increase ICE incarceration

In early September 2018 when Hurricane Florence was nearly ready to assault the U.S. East Coast, the Trump regime diverted $10 million from FEMA ‘response and recovery’ to spend on ICE incarceration.

See the article at this link:

Instead of helping people who are suffering, Trump is taking that money away from helping people recover from the climate-related hurricane so he can use that money to add to the suffering of immigrants who are being abused by the federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The progressive non-profit organization Moms Rising ( invites people to click this link to tell our U.S. Senators to say NO to further funding for family separation and incarceration:

The ICE budget was already huge.  In March 2018 Congress added more than $4 BILLION to ICE’s budget to carry out Trump’s cruel policies.  Then, in the summer, congressional appropriators approved an additional transfer of funds of over $200 million from other agencies to cover this already excessively huge budget for oppressing people.  They transferred money from FEMA, the Transportation Security Administration’s aviation safety programming, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Now ICE is looking to gain even more funding to carry out Trump’s cruel policies by the end of September 2018. They’re asking for a special request known as an “anomaly” to give them money.  I hope you will click the link above to tell your Senators to stop this cruelty.

The U.S. used to support fairness and due process, but now the U.S. has taken away the right to due process and is imposing indefinite imprisonment, including kidnapping children away from their families and keeping children in cages.  Instead of that cruelty — which wastes our tax dollars — alternatives to imprisonment, such as “Family Case Management” procedures could keep families together and save our tax dollars.  ($38 a day for an entire family compared to hundreds of dollars a day to keep a family in detention, according to Moms Rising.

I urge you to push your U.S. representative and both U.S. senators to STOP THE CRUELTY and PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS.




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