Trump supports land mines!

Over and over and over again, Trump makes CRUEL and VIOLENT decisions.  He especially likes to overturn the few decent things that President Obama had done.  Obama prohibited the U.S. military from using land mines.

The following information was announced by Amnesty International (

“On January 31, 2020, Amnesty International joined a vast coalition of human rights and faith organizations in strongly condemning President Donald Trump’s decision to caqncel the Obama Administration’s policy regarding the prohibition against the use of landmines by the United States military forces.

“Landmines are inherently indiscriminate weapons, capable of inflicting unspeakable destruction and harm on victims long after conflicts end.

“Over the past twenty years, 164 countries, including every other member of NATO, has rejected antipersonnel landmines through the Mine Ban Treaty.  In the last five years, only the government forces of Syria, Myanmar [Burma], and North Korea, as well as non-state actors in conflict areas, have used landmines.

“We call on the White House and Department of Defense to not just reconsider this reckless policy change but to take steps to join the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty.”

Before I had received Amnesty International’s announcement, I saw these news items from January 30, 2020:

“Trump administration expected to loosen restrictions on use of landmines” —

“Trump to reportedly allow use of landmines, reversing Obama-era policy” —









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