Jesus Taught People How to Nonviolently Resist Oppression.

Near the end of my July 2020 TV interview, I present the information at the link below.  But this information fits neatly into a short article (1 1/2 pages) that I’m attaching it at the link below.

We live in a society where Christianity is the dominant religion. Most people – including most Christians – do not adequately understand what Jesus taught and what he did nonviolently to promote social justice.  Instead, most Christians put Jesus into a comfortable role (about saving people from sins), but they do not adequately understand or value his very bold teachings actions about nonviolence and social justice.

The article below lays out some insights.  Before the end of June 2020, I’ll post to this blog the video of my July 2020 TV interview and the substantive article that summarizes what we said during the TV interview.

See this short, interesting article:

Jesus Taught People How to Nonviolently Resist Oppression