Trump is PSYCHIATRICALLY UNFIT, so let’s use 25th Amendment to remove Trump!

Certainly Congress must impeach Trump because he has repeatedly violated the Constitution in so many ways and repeatedly broken so many federal laws.

The Constitution provides an additional remedy that high-ranking federal officials must pursue.  The Constitution’s 25th Amendment calls for another remedy when high level governmental officials determine that a president is physically or mentally unfit to continue in office. Many psychologists and psychiatrists have publicly stated that Trump has serious psychological or psychiatric problems that make him too dangerous or too unfit to be president.




Trump is crazy, so we must use the 25th Amendment:


A psychiatrist urges invoking the 25th Amendment because of Trump’s serious mental impairment.  Some of the U.S.’s top intelligence officials also discussed the need to invoke the 25th Amendment.  The article at the following link quotes a psychiatrist who said:  “He is impulsive, belligerent, grandiose, careless, hypersensitive to slights and criticism, and seems unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. These dangerous signs have become more apparent with every passing week of his presidency.”  Here is the article:


Yes!  Use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump!  The anonymous person who lambasted Trump in the New York Times article mentioned in the following article disagreed with how Trump functions, but did not disagree with Trump’s policies.  Trump’s behavior is causing a constitutional crisis already. The 25th Amendment is the constitutional remedy for removing a president who cannot function. This remedy protects constitutional government; it is not about changing Trump’s policies.  Even if the cabinet wants Trump to continue, Congress can use the 25th Amendment.  SEE THIS ARTICLE: