Thom Hartmann’s 10-minute video says TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL.

The problem is not just that Trump is wrong on the issues.  The more serious reality is that TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL.

Trumps serious mental illness has made the U.S. a MUCH WORSE place than before he took office.

He is deliberately provoking racism and violence against vulnerable people.  He has targeted and abused Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, LGBTQ people, poor people, the working class, and other vulnerable people because he is a bully, and bullies attack vulnerable people.  His mental illness and corruption have hurt our economy in many ways.

His serious mental illness has RECKLESSLY ENDANGERED PLANET EARTH with damage to environments and the climate — and a reckless danger of nuclear war.

Trump and the NRA say that the mass shootings are not caused by guns. They say the problem is mental illness.  Thom Hartmann’s video (at the link below) says the mental illness problem is Trump. Actually, a great many psychologists and psychiatrists have publicly stated that Trump is seriously mentally ill. Trump’s mental illness has caused a huge number of very serious domestic and international problems.

This video is very smart and insightful!

We must pursue the 25th Amendment in addition to working for impeachment.