Trump destroys YET ANOTHER peace treaty. It has kept peace for 3 decades.

Trump REPEATEDLY makes decisions that make nuclear war more likely!

Since 1992 the Open Skies Treaty has been reducing the danger of war for three decades by allowing the U.S., Russia, and other nations to fly over each other’s military facilities in order to monitor them and make sure neither nation was violating peace treaties, etc.

Now Trump has announced that he is withdrawing from this treaty. Trump’s withdrawal will occur in mid-November, unless a sensible person is elected to replace Trump and restore this treaty.

Originally President Eisenhower had conceived of the idea in the 1950s. The treaty was signed by President George H.W. Bush (the older Bush) three decades ago, and it has worked well.

BOTH of these are articles about this are worth reading:

The first article is a statement by two very prominent national figures who – a number of years ago – became alarmed about the danger of nuclear war and have been urging sensible policies:

The second article is a more thorough article by the Arms Control Association (, one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected organizations regarding nuclear weapons and disarmament:

A respected journalist at Mother Jones magazine quoted the ACA’s article (above) with a short introduction:

As he always does, Trump destroys something good without any viable solution to replace what he has destroyed.