Hot news about Trump’s scam about Hydroxychloroquine

Trump has been VIGOROUSLY promoting Hydroxycholoroquine  REPEATEDLY in his official presidential TV broadcasts.

Recently it was reported that Trump owns part of a company that makes the snake oil medicine he has been VIGOROUSLY promoting.

He was using his power as President of the U.S. to make presidential briefings on nationwide TV networks about the Coronavirus pandemic that is devastating our nation.  But — instead of providing truthful information — he turned these nationwide broadcasts into “INFO-MERCIALS” in which Trump (a notorious liar and pitch-man for his many fraudulent business scams) promoted what could be called a “snake oil: medicine made by businesses in which Trump and his cronies have invested.  The medicine is NOT medically valid for treating Coronavirus.  Instead, it has some serious health dangers, including death.

This is not only DISHONEST, but it is also AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE because the Constitution EXPLICITLY PROHIBITS “emoluments,” the old term for using your political office in order to enrich yourself.


See this article about his ILLEGAL conflict of interest:


Trump and his cronies held investments in the companies that were making this “miracle cure” that Trump kept promoting on nationwide TV.  But now a study has found that Hydroxycloroquine has NO benefit for treating COVID 19:


Here is another article about Trump owning stock in a company making the drug he has been vigorously promoting as a cure:


The articles above came from April 2020.
Now various persons posted these new articles on May 19, 2020:

Drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus ‘game changer’ increasingly linked to deaths:

This article ends with links to some other relevant article.


‘This Is Dangerous. Ignore Him’: Doctors Warn Against Following Trump’s Lead as President Claims He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine

“There is no evidence of benefit and there is evidence of harm. Trump is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. Let’s not add to that number.”


Here’s what’s most galling about Trump’s entire hydroxychloroquine flimflam:


‘Severe case of infallibitis’: Economist Paul Krugman explains why he doesn’t believe ‘insecure’ Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine:


A former White House adviser raises disturbing questions about Trump’s hydroxychloroquine use:


Trump Lashes Out at Fox News After Host Criticizes Hydroxychloroquine Use:



All of the evidence above shows:

  • Trump is NOT to be believed.


  • Trump is a DANGER to Americans’ health.











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