Trump and the right wing have built him a cult of fanatic “true believers” who reject truth and democracy — and might become violent anarchists if he loses in 2020

Since 2017 I have posted a number of items to this blog explaining the amazing rise of Trumpism and his fanatic “true believers” in the extreme right wing and the Religious Right.

The Republican Party has purged its moderates and replaced them with grossly ignorant and cruel people who reject truth and reject democracy in order to blindly, ignorantly support the Great Leader who trusts his “gut” about the climate instead of respecting honest science.

The list goes on and on.  Who could have imagined such extremism just a few years ago?

  • Kidnapping thousands of immigrant children and imprisoning them in cages and denying them health care so some have died.
  • Appointing extremely incompetent and extremely corrupt people to Executive Branch positions of power over businesses that continue to enrich them.
  • Appointing several judges that the American Bar Association has bluntly determined are “Not qualified.”
  • Demanding a foreign government to dig up dirt on his partisan rival for 2020.

The list goes on and on.  Mainstream news media have “NORMALIZED” these persistently recurring abuses so — like a frog dropped into warming water — the general public does not recognize our peril.

Meanwhile, Trump and his allies (including the extreme right wing, neo-fascists, the Religious Right, and businesses that profit from his corruption) have formed an army of “true believers” who have accepted Trump’s contempt for truth, contempt for honest democracy, and his corrupt, dictatorial behaviors.  Trump has become a cult leader in ways that are extremely dangerous for the U.S. Constitution and a free society.


A former “Moonie” recognizes that Trump is indeed a cult leader:


To understand Trump, you must understand his cult:


“Christ the King:”  How Jesus Became Donald Trump:  At the bottom of this article’s page 1 be sure to click the link to continue to page 2:–How-Jes-by-Mike-Rivage-Seul-CHRISTIANS-CANNOT-BE-CONSERVATIVES_Christian-Religion_Christian-Values_Christianity-191118-36.html


This article explains the Republican Party’s insane and rigid support for Trump:


A Reddit Poll found that 62% of Trump supporters said nothing Trump could do would change opinion of absolute support for him:


The article I link below explains how to understand Trump and his followers.  Here are a few points from this article:

  • During the 2016 campaign Trump promoted himself as a “winner,” so he conned millions of “losers” into voting for him.
  • The article provides links to a few other smart articles, including one saying how Trump could win in 2020.
  • This author quotes another author who wrote: “Donald Trump used the dominant media of the day tabloids, talk shows, reality TV, cable news, Twitter to enlarge himself, to become a brand, a star, a demagogue, and a president.”
  • That same quoted author also wrote: “Television is really two things: an art form that spins stories and an attention machine that transmits real-world images from one place to another” (pages xxi-xxii). He says, “Donald Trump belongs to the attention machine, because Donald Trump is an attention machine” (page xxii; his emphasis).”



Insights into “the Trump Cult” and how to deal with them:


Millions of Americans think Trump is a great hero.    The article I link below begins with this:

“How can we explain that the victim of another Trump slur nonetheless stated afterward that this president ‘is the best thing that ever happened to this country’?”

After a long summary of a Russian novel, the article proceeds with this:  “Trump’s backers, according to political analyst Thomas Hawley at Eastern Washington University simply do not see evil. Celebrity politicians like Trump leverage their origins from outside the political sphere. Their backers hold them to different standards than they do ordinary humans. The celebrity politician fools his followers into thinking they gain power through him. Collective actions are not needed because the boss will do everything. Thus, Trump assured Republicans at their 2016 convention: ‘I am your voice. I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order.’ Given a constant need to shore up his image, the celebrity politician lives in a zero-sum world where he must produce strong shows by which to dominate others. He rejects the commons, the feminine, the downtrodden, and the state itself.”

Later the article says this:  “Nicholas Barber at the BBC on August 12, 2019 reflected on the Wizard of Oz film to explain how people can be fooled by an incompetent but fast-talking showman who waggles levers and tricks to keep his subjects both loyal and afraid.”

Here is the article:


This article provides insights about Trump’s supporters that political “experts” have not been seeing.  Some people have been fooled over and over again.  What don’t we understand about Trump supporters?  How have the political experts continuously been so wrong about this president and those who believe in him?  This article provides smart insights:


This article about dealing with the Trump cult reports on Trump’s worsening mental health, the violence his supporters commit, and his followers’ cult-like blind subservience:


Trump’s base is a ‘cult’ that might never be deprogrammed:


Chris Hedges writes articles that are wise, insightful, and often scary.  He wrote this about the Trump cult:





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