THESE should be Articles of Impeachment to remove Trump!

Trump has committed MANY, MANY violations of the Constitution and MANY, MANY violations of federal law.

But the House Democrats have given him a FREE RIDE — negligently EXONERATED him — for NEARLY ALL of those violations, which REALLY ARE IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES!

THESE ITEMS IDENTIFY SOME TRULY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES.  The House should create Articles of Impeachment for these:


Ted Rall, who — besides being a skilled cartoonist — is also a savvy political analyst, urges these impeachable offenses:


Paul Blumenthal urged impeaching Trump for these reasons:


One of the strongest, most consistent non-profit organizations urging Trump’s impeachment is Free Speech for People (  They have been urging impeachment since — as they have stated — “January 20, 2017, the day that President Trump took office, based on his refusal to separate himself from his businesses in violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clauses. Since then, we and our allies have led a movement demanding that Congress fulfill its constitutional duty to protect our democracy, root out corruption, enforce the rule of law, guard our national security, defend the communities Trump is threatening, and start delivering the promise of our democracy, by holding Trump accountable for impeachable offenses.”  THE ORGANIZATION LISTS THESE IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES:
• Abuse of power to target political adversaries, critics, and the press;
• Corruption of electoral processes;
• Abuse of office to promote discrimination, hostility and unlawful violence,
• Corruption and self-enrichment;
• Obstruction of the administration of justice and Congressional inquiries;
• Misuse of armed forces and abuse of emergency powers.


Ralph Nader urges impeaching Trump for his climate policies:


500 law professors declared that Trump committed impeachable offenses:–We-do-not-reach-this-conclusion-lightly-500-law-professors-say-Trump-s-actions-are-impeachable?detail=emaildksp


The House Democrats were NEGLIGENT in letting Trump off far too easily:


On December 11, 2019, the national ACLU’s Board of Directors voted 55-2 to call for impeaching Trump for violations that include:
• Abusing the powers of the executive office to further his personal and political interests rather than those of the nation
• Improperly invoking executive immunity and instructing government officials and agencies to refuse to testify or produce Congressionally-subpoenaed witnesses and documents, thereby improperly obstructing a Congressional investigation
• Obstructing an inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including by firing officials and directing others to lie about the investigation


Much more information exists, but I don’t want this blog post to get any longer.

URGE THE HOUSE to keep adding Articles of Impeachment.

URGE THE SENATE to protect the Constitution and the Rule of Law from Trump, who is clearly out of control.












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