The “War on Terror” actually provokes more terror — and other problems, including mass migration

What the War on Terror Has to Do With the Rise in Mass Migration:  The war on terror has led to the displacement of at least 38 million people, many of whom fled for their lives as fighting consumed their worlds.


For two decades, presidents in BOTH big political parties have been escalating the U.S.’s “War on Terror” in Africa, but this has produced more violence, wars, terrorism and even national military coups.  Pentagon says terror attacks in Africa increased 300% over last decade  As the United States has quietly expanded its military footprint in Africa, the violence and deaths from jihadist insurgents have skyrocketed. The 46 US bases, 6,000 US soldiers and the operations they’ve conducted in 17 different countries have done little to stem the violence, calling into question whether the “War on Terror” in Africa is actually helping or is actively making things worse — which, of course, conveniently demands more men, more money, more bombs, and more violence is thrown at a problem that never gets solved.


AUMF and “War on Terror” caused worldwide damage since 2001:  In September 2001, President George W. Bush signed the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which sent us to war in Afghanistan, into law. FCNL Program Assistant Kevin Snow writes about how this 60-word resolution impacted his community and the lives of people worldwide. Read his reflection on the losses of the failed War on Terror. 











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