The New Nuclear Arms Race Is Happening in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The March 2022 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” provides a lot of information about nuclear weapons that hardly any Americans know.  Even people who know a lot about nuclear weapons will learn new information from watching this interview.  We really need to understand this existentially crucial information!

Glen interviewed our expert guest, Ralph Hutchison, the Coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA,  OREPA is a very savvy non-profit organization in Tennessee that is working hard to stop the newly escalating nuclear arms race.  They are located near the site that has produced 100% of the highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons since the 1940s.

We discussed the context for the U.S.’s recent radical provocation of a new nuclear arms race.  Although the New START treaty more than a decade ago was a very positive and important step toward peace, Senate Republicans perverted it into an excuse for a horribly provocative new nuclear arms race that would enrich big businesses that make nuclear weapons.  Both political parties support and fund these weapons.

While people living in the Pacific Northwest might know about the Trident nuclear submarine base in Kitsap County WA and the Hanford nuclear mess near the Tri-Cities in Eastern WA, very few people here know about Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where the U.S. government has been making nuclear weapons materials since the 1940s.  All of the highly enriched uranium for our hydrogen bombs have been produced there.l

Our expert guest explained — in easy-to-understand ways — the workings of thermonuclear bombs.  He explained a variety of interesting and important kinds of information that almost no Americans know about — again, in easy-to-understand ways.

He discussed connections between Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Hanford in Washington State.  He discussed several deceptions and perversions that have been imposed upon us in order to build recklessly new nuclear weapons.  And much more!

He clearly explained that the U.S. government is doing extremely dangerous nuclear weapons work at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which is in the U.S.’s second highest seismic activity area — in dilapidated old buildings that have been determined to be seismically unsafe!  His organization (OREPA, sued the federal government and won!  But the federal government ignored the federal court decision and proceeded anyway.  You really need to hear this part of the interview part-way through the hour and/or read about it on pages 8-9 of the thorough summary document I’ve linked below.

We discussed the corrupt, dysfunctional political culture in Washington DC and the need for a strategically savvy nonviolent grassroots movement to turn things around.

We provided more insights — including the need to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (

The thorough summary document linked below provides links to some excellent sources of more information.

This interview includes SO MUCH FASCINATING INFORMATION that I encourage people to READ THIS THOROUGH SUMMARY in addition to watching the interview video.



I typed up a very thorough summary of what we said during the interview.  The thorough summary also includes much additional information beyond what we said during the TV interview.  It ends with a great many links to additional articles, books and videos.


CLICK THE NEXT LINK TO READ THE THOROUGH SUMMARY:  2022.03 Oak Ridge Tennessee nuclear weapons production — SUMMARY and MORE INFORMATION

After I produced this TV program and posted it to my blog, my e-mail address changed from to  When you watch the TV video and/or read the linked document, please use my new e-mail address (and/or phone me at 360-491-9093) if you have any questions or want more information.


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