The Korean War has a ceasefire since the 1950s, but it was NEVER ENDED! Urge Congress to FORMALL END the Korean War!

Despite the saber-rattling by the governments of the U.S. and South Korea and North Korea, the KOREAN PEOPLE — Both South and North — WANT PEACE!

The Korean War (1950-1953) actually NEVER ENDED.  The 1953 cease-fire is all we have.  Mutual antagonisms and intermittent hawkishness from the U.S. government keep preventing real peace.

When George W. Bush ginned up some propaganda for wars against Iraq and Iran he also said North Korea is part of an “Axis of Evil,” which is complete nonsense.  Trump threatened to utterly destroy North Korea with nuclear weapons.  For many decades the militaries of the U.S. and South Korea have conducted gigantic and threatening “war games” that have caused North Korea to feel its survival is in serious danger, so North Korea created nuclear weapons for its “national security.”

A new government in South Korea reached out to North Korea, and the U.S. and North Korea have talked, but those talks recently broke down.


A good first step would be for Congress to ACTUALLY, FORMALLY END THE KOREAN WAR.

The 1953 ceasefire exists, but no formal peace treaty was ever signed.  We have been CONTINUALLY AT WAR SINCE 1950.  The failure to sign a peace treaty remains the root cause of military tensions and build-up.

Please urge Congress to pass H.Res. 152.

In 2019 U.S. Representative Ro Khanna introduced House Resolution 152 to urge a formal end of the Korean war.  Although the resolution is not legally binding and would not formally end the war, its passage would mark a change in the U.S. approach to the conflict – and help resolve tensions.

Go to this website and input your zip code to be directed to your representative’s office:

As soon as you input your phone number and zip code, you will receive a call at the number you provided. You will hear a brief automated greeting. You will be told whether or not your representative is already a co-sponsor of H.Res. 152, and then you’ll be automatically directed to your representative’s office.