New study shows ANY use of nuclear weapons would hurt environment, climate, health

Nuclear weapons are MUCH MORE than merely a “peace” issue.  The new report shows that ANY use of nuclear weapons would cause extremely serious damage to our health, our environment and our climate.

We must ELIMINATE NUCLEAR WEAPONS before they eliminate us!


Physicians for Social Responsibility ( reports this:

A groundbreaking new climate study shows just how urgent it is to prevent nuclear war and eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us.

“Rapidly expanding nuclear arsenals in Pakistan and India portend regional and global catastrophe,” published in Science Advances on October 2 by leading researchers Owen Brian Toon and Alan Robock, plus Charles Bardeen, Lili Xia, Hans Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie, R.J. Peterson, Cheryl Harrison, Nicole Lovenduski and Richard Turco, examines the possible repercussions of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan circa 2025.

“The world can’t afford to ignore the disturbing findings of this new study, which emphasizes the urgent need to pursue verifiable international agreements to prevent nuclear conflict and to reduce and eliminate nuclear arsenals,” said Jeff Carter, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Read PSR’s full statement on the study at this link: