The Democratic Party is so clueless that it is REBUFFING its political base and could unwittingly RE-ELECT Trump!

The institutional Democratic Party has a long history of seeking donations and votes from the working class, environmentalists, and progressives — but when elected — nearly all Democrats rebuff the Party’s political base and instead are subservient to Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex.

This happens over and over again.  It happened with Obama (see below).  It happened with Hillary Clinton (who failed to inspire the base and was more conservative than Trump on several issues), and it is happening again now.  The Democratic Party keeps rejecting progressives (Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) and keeps trying to cram corporate war-hawks (Joe Biden, etc.) down our throats.

That is how Democrats lose national elections — and they are gearing up to lose again in 2020 and re-elect Trump!


Democrats are FAR TOO TIMID!!!


• Green New Deal!!!
• Medicare for All – Single-Payer WITHOUT insurance companies!!!
• Stop all the wars!!!

The Democratic Party is REBUFFING THE VOTERS – who really are PROGRESSIVE!!!
The Democratic Party is trying to cram Biden or another conservative/centrist down our throats!
They made that mistake in 2016, which helped to elect Trump!
Now they are MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE in 2020 and will likely RE-ELECT Trump!

The Democratic Party keeps showing it is the ENEMY of its political base!!!

We absolutely must:

–> Change to a truly peaceful foreign policy!  (Stop all of the wars.  Stop bullying other nations.  Create a nonviolent foreign policy.  Abolish nuclear weapons.  etc.)

–> Vigorously protect the environment and the climate!  (Boldly regulate and tax polluters.  Cancel fossil fuel projects and keep them in the ground.  Support a Green New Deal.  etc.)

–> Stop the culture and politics of corruption!  (Eliminate big money from politics.  Stop the “revolving door.”  Appoint vigorous regulators that serve the broad public interest instead of the industries that control Executive Branch agencies now.  etc.)


The Democratic Party sends a lot of e-mails that PRETEND to care but actually FAIL TO COMMIT TO BOLD ACTIONS.  Many of their e-mails praise Obama, but actually OBAMA’S LEGACY IS TERRIBLY WEAK.  He failed to rise to the historical occasion, and his timidity caused voters to correctly recognize that the Democratic Party is not on the side of ordinary people!

Obama was a TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTING “centrist” president!

He failed to take positive actions within his power.
Instead, he promoted War and Wall Street.
He and Hillary & Bill SERIOUSLY HURT the Democratic Party.

When Obama took office in January 2009, Democrats had majorities in both the House and the Senate. He could have done a lot if he had wanted to. The massive support from labor unions and non-profit organizations got him elected. They had some hot priorities. But Obama and the Democrats running the House and Senate refused to act on these hot priorities.

The biggest contributor to Obama’s 2008 campaign was Goldman Sachs, so Obama filled his cabinet with big shots from Goldman Sachs and catered to the giant Wall Street banks and other elements of Big Business. He proceeded with the “free trade” scams that Bush had started with several nations (e.g., Colombia, Panama and South Korea) and proceeded with the TPP.

Nearly all of Obama’s appointments to cabinet positions and Atty. Gen. came from elite business positions, so he appointed foxes to watch the henhouses they used to run, and he has refused to prosecute the crooked banksters, etc. But he has been more vigorous than Nixon or any other president in prosecuting whistleblowers and harassing journalists. Despite campaign promises for transparency, his administration has been very secretive and obstructionist.

Much more could be said, but I’ll let the information above suffice for now.


Obama’s 8 years of timid “centrism” led to Trump!












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