House Democrats are EXONERATING Trump and ENCOURAGING him to escalate his abuses!

The Democratic Party and its various fundraising fronts keep sending e-mails that ONLY PRETEND to call for impeaching Trump.

Actually, House Democrats and other parts of the institutional Democratic Party are SO TERRIBLY TIMID that they are REFUSING TO IMPEACH for 99% of Trump’s impeachable offenses!

EVERY DAY since January 2017 Trump has VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION’s EXPLICIT PROHIBITION against “emoluments” (using his presidential powers to enrich himself, but PELOSI, Schiff, and the House Democrats are GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE on that!

KIDNAPPING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN FROM THEIR FAMILIES are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF COUNTS OF SERIOUIS FELONIES, and Trump has imprisoned them in cages without any due process and without adequate health care — causing many of the children to die — but PELOSI, Schiff, and the House Democrats are GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE on that!

THE CONSTITUTION’S FIRST AMENDMENT protects free speech and free press, but Trump has repeatedly declared war on journalists and repeatedly violated their constitutional rights — but PELOSI, Schiff, and the House Democrats are GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE on that!

The list goes on and on!


Pelosi kept REFUSING to impeach Trump for ANY of his thousands of impeachable offenses!  While Mueller’s investigation was underway she said she would simply wait for the Mueller Report before doing anything — EVEN THOUGH TRUMP HAD ALREADY COMMITTED THOUSANDS OF IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES!

When the Mueller Report finally came out, Pelosi and the House Democrats pissed away their opportunity to vigorously impeach Trump for his blatant OBSTRUCTIONS OF JUSTICE!  Trump lied when he said the Mueller Report TOTALLY EXONERATED him.  But when the House Democrats REFUSED to impeach him for his many OBSTRUCTIONS OF JUSTICE, Pelosi and the House Democrats DID INDEED TOTALLY EXONERATE Trump!

Pelosi and nearly all House Democrats have been VIOLATING THEIR OATHS OFFICE to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution!

If the Democrats REALLY cared about the Constitution and the rule of law, they would have started impeachment procedures in 2017, escalated them in 2018, and we would have been able to push Trump out of office long before now!

Impeachment hearings — on MANY, MANY impeachable offenses — would have informed and outraged the public and peeled away Trump’s support from Republican House and Senate members!  THIS IS HOW WE GOT RID OF NIXON!

But the institutional Democratic Party is SO HORRIBLY TIMID that it keeps exonerating Trump and showing Trump that there are no consequences for his many crimes.  The Democratic Party’s timidity has been enabling Trump to keep escalating into a virtual fascist dictatorship.

The Democrats — instead of protecting the Constitution and the rule of law — escalate their fundraising letters!




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