Supreme Court sharply limits EPA’s ability to cut carbon emissions from power plants. Other protections are in danger too.

The U.S. Supreme Court is dominated by a 6-3 majority of radical right-wing Republican extremists.  In late spring and early summer 2022 they issued many right-wing extreme decisions that are hurting our constitutional rights.  Here is information about their assault upon the EPA’s ability to protect our environment, climate, and public health from emissions from power plants.



U.S. Supreme Court slashes EPA’s power to protect the climate from power plant emissions: “US Supreme Court Drops Carbon Bomb on the Planet” — One Democratic senator warned the high court’s right-wing majority “could unleash a new era of reckless deregulation that will gut protections for all Americans and the environment.”  June 30, 2022:


The Supreme Court Limits the EPA’s Ability to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions:


Supreme Court Curbs EPA’s Power to Limit Climate-Warming Emissions:


Supreme Court limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions:


A climate organization called for President Biden to take executive action now to stop fossil fuel development and more directly regulate emissions.  The organization also called for Congress to pass legislation expanding the court and restoring the EPA’s ability to push us to a 100% fossil-free future.