Fossil fuel companies and right-wing media fool many, many Americans into denying climate crisis and falling for phony “greenwashing” remedies

“U.S. Has Highest Percentage of People Not Worried About Climate Change in Survey of 31 Countries” –Clearly, the climate deniers, the fossil fuel companies’ propagandists, and the right-wing media have been succeeding.  See this:


We must get more savvy in communicating effectively with the general public.  The FREE online workshops I offer could help the climate movement do this.  I will offer my series again through Zoom in September and October 2022.  Publicity for that series will be similar to this:


This article was posted on March 18, 2022:  Decades of Lobbying Weakened Americans’ Gas Mileage and Turbocharged Pain at the Pump:  The oil and automotive industries, as well as the Koch network, undercut efforts to make today’s fleet of vehicles more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels.  The article includes this paragraph:  “In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and resulting sanctions, gasoline prices spiked, briefly touching a record high of $4.43 a gallon. But this pain at the pump for American drivers has deeper roots. Federal rules shape the menu of cars, SUVs, and trucks offered to consumers by requiring automakers to achieve fleet-wide averages on fuel efficiency. And a quick look back shows the oil industry’s fingerprints (alongside those of car manufacturers) on gambits to grind down those fuel efficiency standards, leaving everyday Americans more dependent on oil.”  Read the article at this link:


Top corporate lobbying group shows its true colors on climate change:


The deceptive illusion of “carbon capture”: Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage, But Is Its Promise an Illusion?”  The oil industry, Biden administration and even some environmentalists see sucking carbon dioxide from smokestacks and the atmosphere as critical to solving the climate crisis. But the IPCC says relying on it presents a “major risk.”  READ THIS ARTICLE:


“AstroTurf” examples: Big Oil Funds “Environmentalists” to Oppose Offshore Wind Farms:


Exxon Mobile lobbyists were caught on video bragging about how they reel in politicians to kill climate legislation:  Exxon Mobile lobbyists were caught on video bragging about how they reel in politicians to kill climate legislation.


The ‘Big Con’ Revealed: Report Details Fossil Fuel Industry’s Deceptive ‘Net Zero’ Strategy:


Oil company propaganda softens its climate denial and emphasizes blaming consumers:  We need to understand the oil companies’ strategies for how they are fooling the public with their propaganda.  Then we need to devise smart strategies to help the public understand what the oil companies are trying to do – and debunk their propaganda schemes.  “New Study Decodes ExxonMobil’s ‘Modern’ Climate Misinformation”  Where it’s no longer credible to deny climate change, the fossil fuel giant puts the focus on ‘risk’ and blame on consumers, in echo of tobacco industry PR, researchers find.  READ THIS ARTICLE:





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