STOP the U.S.’s 60+ years of hatred and abuse of Cuba!

For more than 60 years the U.S. government has taken cruel actions against Cuba.  The U.S. government has vented hatred and abuse against our neighbor — and hurt ordinary people there.

The U.S.’s abuses against Cuba seem petty and cruel to the rest of the world.  This hateful mania seems to the rest of the world as stupid as the Republican Party’s hateful mania against LGBTQ persons.  The rest of the world gets along just fine with Cuba, but the U.S. is a “rogue nation” in hating and hurting its neighbor.  Actually, the rest of the world greatly appreciates Cuba for sending MANY doctors and other health workers to the world’s poorest nations!

For many years the U.S. government has LIED and kept Cuba on a list of nations that support terrorism.  In March 2023, 20 faith communities publicly called for the U.S. government to take cube off the “State Sponsors of Terrorism List.”

BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES created these problems, and BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES keep these problems going.  One brief exception was this:  President Obama removed Cuba from the list in 2015 as the initial step to opening up diplomatic relations.  But in January of 2021, weeks before the Trump administration left office, Secretary Pompeo placed Cuba back on the list with devastating effects for the Cuban people.

Please take action for the Cuban people!  Contact the administration and Congress today and urge them to take Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list.  Insert your own name and contact information here: