Stop the new bi-partisan Cold War and threats against China

In the U.S., hate crimes against Asian Americans have skyrocketed in the past few years.  Several reasons include Trump’s hateful rhetoric (e.g., calling Coronavirus the “Chinese flu” and blaming China for taking jobs away from Americans, when really it was U.S. businesses that closed American factories and moved the jobs to other countries).  Other reasons include the new Cold War and anti-Chinese rhetoric and threats against China from BOTH political parties.  Racists have felt free to commit hate crimes against Asian Americans who are not in any way responsible.


American nationalism — and “American exceptionalism” — allow the U.S. to think our nation can do anything it wants to other nations, and they must be subservient to the U.S.  Politicians and news media express alarm that China’s navy is actively patrolling Pacific Ocean areas near China, as if that were an affront to the U.S.  Americans feel we have a right to dominate the Pacific Ocean’s areas near China, but China has no right to protect its own region.


The Pentagon — always seeking new enemies to justify bigger budgets — has been exaggerating the China threat in order to justify bigger military budgets.   The link below includes the first three paragraphs and then this link:  Continue reading at Defense News.


The article here — “U.S.-China: Progressive Internationalist Strategy Under Biden” — includes this:

“This will be a long-term struggle, and even with the best possible organizing only limited progress will be possible under the Biden administration. But the contradictions within the administration show that, alongside the dangerous forces of nationalism and great power conflict, new progressive possibilities have also emerged from the crisis of the neoliberal system—possibilities unimaginable even five years ago. If we can seize upon these possibilities, we can win a fundamentally new global system capable of resolving the world’s most urgent threats by confronting the exclusion and inequality of the present.”


Prevent a new Cold War with China.  One of the most dangerous foreign policy trends of today is the growing bipartisan instigation of a new Cold War with China.  This article helps us shape our messaging so we can stop this new Cold War: