Stop Hurting Other Nations. Accept All Refugees Caused by Our Violence.

Parents teach children to clean up their messes. We must teach our government the same lesson.

The U.S. keeps attacking other nations, making it impossible for victims to live there, but the U.S. refuses to accept those refugees.  Survivors in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and many other nations cannot live safely in their home countries . The U.S. has a moral obligation to invite our wars’ refugees to settle here.

The U.S. arms dictators and other abusive governments that abuse and kill their people.  The U.S. abuses other nations in many ways, causing those populations to flee for safety.  But the U.S. government refuses to take responsibility for the violence we cause.

After many years of oppression, Honduras created a democracy and elected a progressive president who was making improvements that helped the general public.  But in 2009 Honduras’s business elite and military staged a coup and overthrew Honduras’s democracy in violation of international law.  President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supported the illegal coup.

For nearly a decade now, Honduras’s military and police have been murdering journalists, environmentalists, labor organizers, human rights defenders and other people – all with the blessing of the U.S. government – first Obama and now Trump.

Survivors are fleeing Honduras as refugees. Trump’s U.S. is violating international law by denying people’s right to seek asylum and refugee status here.  Trump’s racist propaganda denies the reality and victimizes them again.

We need a federal law prohibiting the U.S. from hurting people in other nations and absolutely requiring that we welcome our victims as refugees.