Kids’ federal lawsuit against U.S. gov’t is repeatedly blocked and allowed to proceed.

The “Climate” and “Young People” parts of this blog have previously reported that a number of children and teenagers have sued the federal government for failing to take strong actions to protect the climate, thereby depriving them of a good future.  This lawsuit has persisted for several years.  First the Obama Administration fought against it.  Now the Trump regime is fighting very hard against it.  For several years this lawsuit has suffered roadblocks, rulings allowing it to proceed, more roadblocks, more rulings allowing it to proceed, and so forth — off and on, off and on, off and on.

Here are some articles from summer and fall 2018:

Young people in Oregon have sued the federal government for its failure to protect their future in a livable climate. The federal government (under BOTH Obama and Trump) has relentlessly and vigorously opposed it. Various judges have put it on hold, released it to proceed, put it on hold, etc. The stop-and-go cycle has continued. On November 8, 2018, a federal appeals court granted the Trump regime’s motion to stay it yet again. Here is a news article about it:

November 2018 in 9th Circuit:

In October 2018 the children’s lawyers said their climate lawsuit against U.S. govt should be allowed to proceed:

October 2018:  The young plaintiffs in the “Trial of the Century” issued a statement calling for public rallies to support their case.

October 2018:  U.S. Supreme Court stops young people’s climate case. But it might be able to start again.  See this:

October 2018:  A federal judge allowed young people’s climate lawsuit against U.S. gov’t to proceed.  See this:

These two articles about the Children’s Climate Lawsuit against the federal government are a little out of date, but provide much information.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist to Testify in Children’s Climate Lawsuit:

Children’s Climate Lawsuit Trial Delayed Until US Supreme Court Rules:

August 2018:  A superior court judge dismissed Washington State youths’ lawsuit for climate action.  See this:

July 2018:  The U.S. Supreme Court allowed climate lawsuit by children and teenagers vs. Trump regime to proceed.  These kids’ lawsuit against the Trump regime demands stronger federal action to protect the climate for their future. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Trump regime’s attempt to stop it. This approval for the kids’ lawsuit is similar to lower-level federal courts’ approval for other kids’ lawsuits against the federal government to protect the climate.  The article at the link below includes this excerpt:  “Twenty-one children and teenagers—ranging in age from eight to 19—first brought the case against the federal government in 2015, arguing that the Obama administration was not doing enough to curb carbon emissions and other activities that contribute to the warming of the Earth.”  Their lawyer said:  “We look forward to presenting the scientific evidence of the harms and dangers these children face as a result of the actions their government has taken to cause the climate crisis.”  Read the rest of the article at this link:










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