Some of Congress’s Democratic leaders are TOO TIMID to represent their political base.

The Senate Democrats appointed an ANTI-CLIMATE, PRO-COAL Democrat to the Senate’s energy committee.  This article provides information:


Public opinion polls show HUGE MAJORITIES of Democrats, Republicans and Independents want a Green New Deal, but Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House’s new Majority Leader, is trying to bury it.  See info in this article:

Public opinion polls show HUGE MAJORITIES of Democrats, Republicans and Independents want a Green New Deal, but Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House’s next Majority Leader, is trying to bury it.


Democrats just blocked the push for a Green New Deal Committee.  See this article:,_.___

In December about 20 local persons of all ages visited U.S. Congressman Denny Heck’s office in Lacey and urged him to support looking into this.  That was a very modest step.  But his staffer said Denny was delaying making this decision, even though it was a very modest step.  I said that I’m 70 years old and remember when Martin Luther King, Jr., had said that the Civil Rights Movement’s biggest obstacle was not the racist white sheriffs but rather the white people who failed to support the Civil Rights Movement even though they knew they should.


Nancy Pelosi caved in to Republicans on her very first day as House Majority Leader.

On Congress’s first day in 2019, Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded that the House adopt a rule that Republicans have long supported.  The “pay-as-you-go” or “PAYGO” rule would PREVENT ANY PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATION THAT COSTS MONEY unless Congress also cuts that amount of money from existing programs or raises taxes to pay for it.  Many progressives have denounced that as Nancy Pelosi’s way to KILL PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATION.  They passed a “rules package” that includes “PAYGO,” but we must put pressure on to REMOVE “PAYGO” from their rules package.  When you send this online petition to House Democrats, use the “COMMENTS” field to tell them to REMOVE “PAYGO” from their rules package:


In late December an expert from Justice Democrats ( wrote this:

For weeks, the Green New Deal has captured the hearts and minds of diverse, working class voters across the country. Town halls have been hosted, young activists with the Sunrise Movement have held protests, and climate scientists have praised our chance at a Hail Mary to save the planet.

Then, Nancy Pelosi ignored it all — and still hasn’t supported a Select Committee on a Green New Deal, appointing Kathy Castor to lead a weak and generic climate change panel, which would allow members of Congress who accept donations from fossil fuel corporations to serve on the committee.
We’re not shocked. For years, the Democratic Party has paid lip service to critical progressive initiatives like a Green New Deal or Medicare for All. Polls have shown overwhelming Democratic support for a Green New Deal, and even majority support from Republicans too, but that’s not enough for our current Democratic leadership.


We all know voters are angry.  Voters gave Democrats a STRONG MANDATE for TRULY PROGRESSIVE ACTIONS.  Timid middle-of-the-roaders were replaced by strong progressives.  But the Democratic Party leadership (both in Congress and in the institutional party’s national level) are FAR TOO TIMID.  If they don’t deliver, they will antagonize the voters all over again.

Whether you work within or outside of the Democratic Party, people must ORGANIZE FROM THE GRASSROOTS UP about REAL ISSUES and build a progressive majority that will save our timid, corrupt government from itself.