I’m building a Big Beautiful Wall around my yard to keep Republicans out!

Although Trump claims that immigrants endanger our national security, and that Mexicans are rapists and murderers, the reality is that immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans who were born here.

Ironically, many serious crimes have been committed by Trump himself and by the crooks he has hired to work for his 2016 campaign or in his administration.

Many have pled guilty, and many others have been prosecuted and convicted.  Many others are being investigated and will likely be prosecuted and convicted.  In addition, many have broken ethics rules and federal regulations about conflicts of interest, waste of our tax dollars, abuses of power, and so forth.

Chief among the crooks is Trump himself, who has repeatedly broken federal laws during the campaign and after taking office.  He has also violated the U.S. Constitution in several ways.  All of these are impeachable offenses.

Trump’s has used extremely bad judgment regarding foreign policy, nuclear weapons, taking away people’s health care, weakening environmental protections, and deliberately making the climate crisis worse.  All of these directly threaten our health and our survival.

Therefore, Trump himself is a threat to national security.

Republican members of the House and Senate and the Republican Party overall are fully complicit because they have absolutely refused to hold Trump accountable.  Several experts have called the Republican Party a criminal enterprise.  Republicans pose a direct threat to our national security and the personal safety of every person.

That’s why I am building a Big Beautiful Wall around my yard, so I can keep Republicans out.

And I’ll make the Republican Party pay for it.





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