Solid info about WHY nuclear power CANNOT be part of solving the climate crisis

The nuclear power industry is trying to fool us into thinking that nuclear power is part of solving the climate crisis.

Actually, there are many reasons why nuclear power is NOT a practical remedy.

I urge people to read this thorough report produced by a very knowledgeable organization, so we can effectively rebut and debunk the pro-nuclear propaganda that has become very widespread.

Nuclear power is intimately related to nuclear weapons.  President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” program was a civilian propaganda cover to justify and continue providing infrastructure for his rapidly growing nuclear weapons programs.  Many problems link nuclear power and weapons, including the horribly dangerous mining, the nuclear waste problems for which there have been no real solutions despite decades of work and spending, and “dual-use” nuclear activities that support interactions between nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

We must OPPOSE nuclear power along with nuclear weapons.