In January, urge Congress to pass HR 1 to get Big Money out of politics.

You have probably read information supporting HR 1, legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that would push Big Money out of politics.  Many non-profit organizations that support democracy and other good things (environment, energy, peace, nuclear weapons, workers’ rights, human rights, the gun lobby, etc.) recognize that BIG MONEY CORRUPTION PREVENTS CONGRESS FROM ACCOMPLISHING WHAT WE WANT IT TO DO.

HR 1 is a tremendously positive step forward for ALL of the issues we care about!

Public Citizen (, the non-profit org that Ralph Nader started in 1971, says the following in support of HR 1, and urges people to sign THIS ONLINE PETITION:

If we mobilize for fundamental reform, the bill will:

• Replace the current, corrupt campaign finance system with one that relies on small donors and public matching funds.
• End dark money by forcing disclosure of all election-related spending.
• Call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
That alone would be historic. But it’s not all HR 1 will do.

HR 1 will combat voter suppression, extreme gerrymandering and political corruption.

If we do our job right, the bill will:

• Enact Automatic Voter Registration and call for restoration of the Voting Rights Act.
• Counteract gerrymandering so political parties can’t rig congressional districts to favor themselves.
• Slam shut the revolving door by which lobbyists and corporate lawyers go into government to oversee their old industries, and public officials leave government for high-paying jobs in the sectors they previously regulated.

Between now and the vote on HR 1 in roughly a month’s time, we need to make sure every member of Congress is bombarded with constituent messages.

Tell your representative: We need sweeping legislation to save our democracy.  Please sign the online petition at the link above.


More information about HR 1 is in this article: