Sign up for online training to advocate for Single-Payer health care

Many people want universal single-payer health care but feel they don’t know enough about it.

Many people would like to become more effective in explaining it to people and advocating for it.

Here is an opportunity to learn more.  Sign up for online training offered by a great non-profit organization that I’ve been supporting.  It’s “Healthcare-NOW.”  Their training will go over the healthcare crisis in the United States, misconceptions about our high healthcare costs, and single payer policy, equipping you to answer questions from legislators, coalition partners, and the public. It will also take you step-by-step through researching healthcare policy in your own state, after which you have the option of using that research to create flyers and other informational materials about single payer for your local use.

Here is the link to get information and sign up for the training: