An important post on this blog still reflects my best thinkig

Trump, Trumpism and the Republican Party are doing horrible things to the U.S. and the world, while the Democratic Party and many Americans seem clueless.
Often I think I should write something for this blog about the underlying problems that led us into this crisis.  Then I immediately remember that I did convey my best thinking in a long essay I have already posted to this blog.  Some of that article I wrote in January 2017 around the time of the inauguration, and I had added more before posting it in the autumn of 2017.  It is still valid, and it still conveys my best thinking.

I encourage you to read it and share it.  It’s posted at several parts of this blog, including the category called “Our Current Political Crisis.”  In that part of this blog, look for the post called “How We Got Into Our Current Crisis — And How to Get Out — THOROUGH Article.”

Here is a direct link to it: