Senate must publicly expose Trump’s nominees & turn public opinion against Trumpism.

Trump keeps nominating horribly corrupt, incompetent and dangerous right-wing nominees for powerful positions in the federal government.  Democratic senators simply vote “no” but fail to take stronger actions, so these Democratic senators trap themselves in a simple defensive role.  When they do that, Trump is free to keep throwing horribly corrupt, incompetent and dangerous right-wing nominees at us, one after another.

Democratic senators must STAND UP for humane values, honesty, and the broad public interest.  They must PUBLICLY EXPOSE Trump’s nominees as horribly corrupt, incompetent and dangerous right-wing extremists.  They must REACH OUT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC and TURN PUBLIC OPINION AGAINST Trump’s nominees and against Trumpism itself!!!

Then the PUBLIC will restrain Trump and the Republicans.

When Democratic senators merely vote “no,” they create the illusion that Trumpism is just “politics as usual,” so they “normalize” Trump’s fascism and corruption as within the political mainstream.  Instead, they must VIGOROUSLY, VIGOROUSLY PUSH BACK by alerting the general public to the crisis that Trump is causing and mobilizing the general public to VIGOROUSLY, VIGOROUSLY PUSH BACK!!!

The timid Democratic Party enabled Trump to get elected by preventing a true populist, Bernie Sanders, from getting the nomination. Bernie Sanders would have won in a landslide — with long coattails. Sanders would have saved the USA y preventing Trump’s fascism.

The Democratic Party seems unwilling to do what is necessary during our nation’s existential crisis.  Merely electing more Democrats will not save us, because the Democratic Party is too timid.  To stop Trump’s corrupt fascism, Democrats must reach out to the general public with STRONG, PROGRESSIVE messages that EXPLICITLY EXPOSE the corrupt fascism that Trump and the Republicans are imposing upon the USA.  We must inform and activate the general public in ways that go far beyond merely voting.  We must build strong grassroots movements.