Democrats fail to satisfy their voters, but Republicans do.

Democrats say nice things but almost none of them follow through if elected, so Democrats are not the answer. Republicans are more ignorant and more corrupt, but at least Republicans “deliver” to their “political base.” From that standpoint, Trump has been fantastically effective as a politician. He has vigorously delivered to racists, sexists, oil companies, big business, polluters, and right-wing religious extremists.

For many years in the past several decades Democrats had held the Presidency and both houses of Congress.  Just imagine if Democrats had acted as boldly as the Republicans are doing now.  Just imagine if Democrats had really delivered to the working class, labor unions, environmentalists, peace supporters, etc., etc.  Everybody would have high quality health care.  The stupid, wasteful wars would end.  We would really protect the environment and the climate.  We would really protect the rights of women and minorities.  We would have a truly just criminal justice system.  We would fully fund education and the social safety net.

Voters would have rewarded Democrats with massive majorities, and we’d have a healthy economy and healthy people and a healthy environment resulting in one-party rule by Democrats.  The Republican Party would wither away.

Even now, the Republicans can NOT win by campaigning on the issues.  They win ONLY by exploiting big, secret money in campaigns, and by preventing certain kinds of people from voting, and by gerrymandering districts.

Strong public opinion supports the good things, but even when we have a Democratic President and Democrats running the House and Senate, the Democratic Party fails to deliver.

Democrats actually rebuff the “political base” that they pretend to care about, and they really serve Wall Street and the military-industrial complex.  The public is disgusted and either do not vote or vote for other candidates.  The Democratic Party keeps fretting about low voter turnout.  They have only themselves to blame.